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Poor Anya was at the SASA shelter for months, and the volunteers adore her. We rescued her on PTS day since NO ONE came thru for her 1/2 hour before PTS at 5:00 pm. At the shelter, she is sweet, very people friendly and seem easy going. Was good meeting other dogs her size out in their yard.  Was fine with all size dogs that approached her kennel and no reaction.  She was quiet and calm.  We set up a long distance transport from Modesto. At her foster home, she was kept sep in her room, on leash for walks/potty breaks and crate trained. She was fine in her crate for over-night.  The next morning, after breakfast in her room behind a mounted metal gate, sadly, at her foster home with people watching, with no warning, Anya pushed thru tall metal gate side which is attached to frame of room, and attacked foster home's 25 lbs male dog that was only walking by.  She grabbed their dog's head and shook him.  The foster parents managed to get Anya to open her mouth to release their dog and rushed him to their vet.  He has many teeth puncture wounds with stitches and drains.   Anya has high predatory drive at smaller dogs and needs an experienced pit guardian with training skills and no other dogs at home or maybe dog her size only.  She looks at foster home's large dog but no interaction but seems fine with him (male rottie).  Guardian has to be careful on leashed walks and keep her away from smaller dogs since we do not know if she will grab another small dog. Really have to watch her body language and best to keep as only dog or maybe dog her size (55 lbs).  She is quiet and seem easy going at her foster home.  She is very people friendly and sweet with people.  Foster home is keeping her seperate from her 2 dogs.  Foster home cannot keep her since she is a danger to her small dog and cat.

Pit Training tips:  https://www.furryfriendsrescue.org/dog_training#piteducation

Update 5/9/22:  Anya is now in emergency boarding.  Fine with kennel staff.  She needs a foster home or trainer home that is more pit experienced and have no small dog or cat at home.  Seems she is ok with large dogs but always need supervise.  Donations are greatly needed for her boarding at $20 per day since 5/9/22.  

**Note: Adoption in SF Bay Area Only**

 Foster Needed for Anya

Hi! I need a temporary foster home while I wait to be adopted. If you can foster me, please read the Fostering Criteria on the Foster Home Network page and fill out an online application!

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Details of Anya

  • Name: Anya
  • Type: Dog
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
  • Age: 5 years 1 month
  • Color: Brown/Chocolate with Black
  • Size: 55 lbs.
  • House trained: Unknown
  • Shots Current: Yes
  • Spayed/Neutered: Pending
  • Special Needs: No
  • Good with Dogs: No
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Host: Furry Friends Rescue
  • Organization: Furry Friends Rescue
  • Date Added: 5/8/22


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